Big Data — Big Future !

The boom of big data is resonating across the world, and brings forth exciting opportunities for people around the globe. It is opening up bright prospects for many programmers, especially in India and US, to build a great career and pursue their dreams.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of Big data and Hadoop to harness the power of information. For those new to the technology, Hadoop is a powerful open-source framework developed by Apache for managing enormous data sets. It has become the go-to platform for storing and analyzing tons of data, and now garners serious respect as a highly desired IT skill among prospective employers.

Interestingly, election campaigns are now being created basis voter interest, reactions and social media response — and these are one of the many things that can be delivered using big data. The scope & opportunities seem unlimited, and this in turn creating a huge demand for professionals in the Big data & Hadoop domain. It is but natural that the more you invest in this domain, the more you would seek from it.

The question being asked is — “Can Big data & Hadoop evolve over time to continue being a much sought after career?” Yes, it can! Bearing in mind the market forecast for Big data, it definitely looks promising and the positive trend appears to progress with time. With the Big data market spanning over multiple categories including IT, manufacturing, banking, research, science, government and even social media, Big data and its associated technologies are here to stay.

Organizations are increasingly turning to Hadoop to make sense of their immense storehouse of data. It is predicted that by the end of 2018, India alone will face a shortage of close to two lakh Data Scientists — but most of the demand will remain unfulfilled due to the shortage of qualified candidates. This presents a tremendous career and growth opportunity. This means that the knowledge of Hadoop can help land you some really good jobs in the long run. The more you work with Hadoop, the more you will have to offer in the Big data space.

The fact that harnessing data can play a vital role in organization’s competitive strategies is one of the reasons why companies are betting big on this technology, and they are also willing to pay a premium for such critical skills.

Therefore, if one has an appetite or background in statistics, databases, or big data, then there is without doubt a sparkling future ahead. Added to this, if one is also skilled in Hadoop, the road ahead is even brighter. There’s a whole world replete with opportunities waiting to be harnessed. What are you waiting for? Dream big with big data!

PGC is a boutique Management Consulting firm engaged in the business of enabling its clients to transform their Org, Culture & Capabilities.

PGC is a boutique Management Consulting firm engaged in the business of enabling its clients to transform their Org, Culture & Capabilities.