Can technology replace human intervention in Learning?

Classroom style learning has been in existence since ancient times when the Guru often instructed the disciples in a classroom environment. While there has been an advent of application based learning, face to face interaction continues to be the prime method of delivering learning because of its ability to measure effectiveness on an almost immediate basis.

In recent times, Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) have created lot of hype around online learning and helped bring the learning right to the door step of the learners. It is certainly a great example of how technology can be a game changer in the world of education. A lot of MOOCs have been created by qualified instructors from top-notch universities and that has resulted in very high adoption rate of the courses, also because they are accessible, self-paced and free. The low completion rate, however is robbing MOOCs of its early sheen as being the panacea to most educational problems.

Which brings us to the most important point — what about the efficacy of the learning? Is the learning objective achieved? Who measures the effectiveness of the learning? Is there a way we could combine the effectiveness of face to face interaction along with enormous distribution potential of MOOCs?

This is where the Live Online Classroom or Instructor Led Online Training is emerging as a big possibility. In this style of training, the instructor teaches live using advance video technology integrated with learning management system, option to share presentations, use whiteboard in real time and all the while keeping the class interactive by accurately gauging the mood of the students, who themselves could be based anywhere in the world. The technology enables the use of quizzes, assignments and other tools to measure the effectiveness of training, thereby providing the instructor with feedback on the session and a method for the students to measure their understanding of the concepts taught.

Technology is a great enabler and if used right can change the face of education and make quality education available to all. Technology cannot replace the human touch but it definitely can enhance it.

Do let us know your thoughts on the ideal method of learning using technology.

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