Disha was sad that she didn’t get the promotion. She was only getting positive reviews from all of her seniors. In spite of all of that, Krishna got the promotion that she was working so hard to get. All that he did was delegate responsibility and present the results. They weren’t taught presentation skills in engineering and she was very under-confident about the same.

Her manager, Rahul saw her looking glum and sad. He thought that she could be upset because of the loss of a promotion. He sat next to her and looked at her. “You are very good at what you do Disha. It was between you and Krishna for the promotion.” Disha wanted to know why she didn’t make the cut. “So why did you choose Krishna?” asked Disha. Rahul said, “It is necessary to broaden your skills, which Krishna did over last couple of months. He learnt the latest trends in the Industry. To grow further, you will have to learn management and understanding marketing. This way you will be able to meet clients and grow in the field as well”

Disha thought over what Rahul had just said and she decided to give it a try.

The next day she tried reading up about marketing and took up a distance learning course. The biggest problem she faced was learning as she found it tough to learn. She had left college long time back!

She spoke to Rahul about it. Rahul said, “Take it slow Disha. Don’t try to cram too much information at the same time. You won’t be able to remember all of it. Take it one step at a time and focus on it regularly. Try to put one step at a time.” That evening, Disha decided to concentrate only on digital marketing and leave the rest aside.

When she began reading up about it, she realised that digital marketing itself was very vast. There was E-mail marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing and so much more! Disha was not sure where to start from, so she began to put all of them into buckets. This helped her to study better and it also eased her anxiety.

After a few days, Disha was used to studying but she found it difficult to understand a few concepts. They were very vague and she was unable to make a connection. So she began studying out of another bucket to give herself some break. Suddenly she was able to make connections, she understood the concept better. She realised that learning two inter-connected concepts actually helped her to understand the subject better!

At work when Disha would discuss what she studied with Rahul, she had a tendency to forget what she had just studied the previous night. She remembered that she faced the same problem at school. To solve this problem, her mother insisted that she took notes while her teacher explained.

Disha started taking notes, some by hand and some she started storing digitally, with pictures and audio files. Now she remembered better and faster.

She also began to test herself at regular intervals after she finished studying a particular topic. This helped her to grasp the concept faster and strengthen the concepts that she was weak at.

After a point, Disha found it better to move around and study. When she was studying something, Disha would move around in her home and read out aloud. When she tested herself, she realised that the moving around in her home had helped her to remember a lot of information as she had associated the rooms of her home with bits and pieces of information.

Sometimes even learning outdoors had helped to do with the same.

Now Disha spoke to Rahul and told him that she would like to speak to a client. Rahul knew that she was studying marketing but he was not sure how good she would be while practically applying it. He said she could, but he would also attend the meeting along with her.

Disha agreed and after talking to the client she realised that apart from just studying, she should apply these concepts to her professional life. She realised that some of the information was useless in her field, while some concepts needed a different approach, depending on the client.

Disha told her client that she would get back to them in a week with her team’s ideas and solutions. Rahul saw a very different Disha that day. She was her thoughtful self, but she was also a lot more confident and was ready to take things to a higher level.

It was time for another appraisal and also just maybe, another promotion!

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