Options. Decisions and Choices

Hi! Am Krish, with a total experience of 5 years in the IT industry. Just jumped into the IT bandwagon straight out of college. Started my journey in the technical stream as I loved creating technology but along the way realized am not that good at it. It’s been some weeks since am feeling disgruntled about my career. And an eccentric boss breathing down my neck always did not make it better. “Ha, how did I get here?” is what I keep asking myself over and over again through the day at office and at home. Am not able to live peacefully or joyfully nor meaningfully. I have been told: “Love whatever work you are doing. Be grateful for what you got or got into.”

However, the little voice in my heart was weeping. I could not take it any longer and rued why I did not take out the time earlier, to know what my calling in life was. Perhaps I did not have the time! I was busy being busy. Or the process of knowing myself was intimidating and I did not know where to begin.

Today, I made a start. Thanks to Google. I wanted a job that aligns with my interests, needs and values. But first I wanted Google to answer the profound question: “Is there something that am good at which I do not know already?”


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