Delegation is one of the key activities that you can focus on if you’re running a business, because it allows you to deliver a higher consumer experience without losing your valuable time. However, most of us are caught up with the idea of keeping a hold on the harness and power in our hands. But, is this really worth it or is delegation the key to succeed?

The answer is fairly simple. Delegating work can help you quite a lot especially if you are a business owner because it can get very taxing to handle every single aspect of the business and you will end up spending additional time and resources that you could’ve otherwise spent more productively. Here are some of the advantages that delegation can bring in:

Frees up time

Yes! With delegation, you have the ability to free up your time and use it properly. Lack of time would mean that one would have lesser time to spend on critical activities like strategizing and planning. Without a solid plan laid out, an organization is doomed to fail. Therefore, it’s important to be able to delegate tasks and open up time for yourself to engage in the main tasks at hand.

Platform to develop & manage people

Delegation entails assigning responsibility of specific tasks to employees. This means that you can learn how to manage them properly, but at the same time you also have the ability to develop and harness their skills. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Helps manage workload

Having too much on your plate is bad and sometimes it can lead to undesirable results. Instead, you have to focus on managing your workload more efficiently by delegating activities that can easily be assigned or managed by someone else. By doing this, you work smarter and the results will start showing.

Encourages communication

People are usually hesitant to communicate when they are new to an organization and its environment. Delegation helps in building a connect with the person and encourages him/her to converse freely. There is no doubt that an environment that fosters trust & open communication will result in the business itself growing over a period of time.

Improves innovation

With sheer focus, you can unlock the ability to find out new solutions and discover newer paths which you had not thought of earlier. Delegation thus holds great promise in enabling you to look at fresh possibilities altogether.

Stimulates creativity

Creativity flows when you have time to think about stuff, and not when your mind feels overburdened. That is why delegating is such a good idea, because it helps in removing hurdles to imagination and ingenuity as you are no longer caught up with routine tasks. Therefore, the thought process becomes a lot simpler, more refined and holds tremendous potential.

Helps skill development

Delegating tasks allows your employees to hone their skills and build confidence in achieving tasks. It also gives them a sense of ownership, makes them feel empowered, creates a desire to continuously prove their ability and motivates them to move up to the next level.

To sum it up, the art of delegation is a key skill to possess. If you do it right, the outcome will be truly exciting. While it does have its share of risk in terms of not choosing the right person for the job, but if done sensibly, you are on a sure shot path to success.

PGC is a boutique Management Consulting firm engaged in the business of enabling its clients to transform their Org, Culture & Capabilities.

PGC is a boutique Management Consulting firm engaged in the business of enabling its clients to transform their Org, Culture & Capabilities.