The Future of Corporate Learning

The key to growth and success in life, for any individual, is the same and it has remained the same through time immemorial — Learning. Education begins from the moment we are born till we take our last breath. We can never stop learning though we can always ignore or forget what we learnt and push it to the back of our minds where they remain defunct and forgotten.
Our learning begins from home, but the actual form of learning which helps shape our lives begins from the moment we step into an educational institution. Schools take a huge chunk of credit for this process, however since our learning/training/knowledge -gain does not shut down even after we leave our schools and colleges; our jobs have an equal influence in educating us, probably in a more practical ways as opposed to educational institutions.

Corporate Learning: The Past vs. The Future

A key example of all this would be the adoption of the new-age method of teaching employees through games. Yes! Games! The one word, which 10 years ago, would have never been associated with education or learning in India, today is being mentioned adjacent to education. Add to the fact that they are not talking about physical sport games but rather the biggest taboo of them all, video games, makes you realize how rapidly our social environment is changing. Likewise another way companies are utilizing technology and passion into teaching is by optimizing social media learning. Individuals are spending a huge portion of their lives online so why not give them the opportunity to learn by creating learning eco-systems online in the places they like and are familiar with?

In today’s world, the market is extremely competitive based solely on strategies and alignment. Hence, the workforce that needs to survive in this market has to be different from what it was 10 or even 5 years ago! The attention span of individuals have reduced significantly and the reason for this is lack of connect with people and more time spent on social media and gadgets. Yep, the onset of technology has definitely changed us a lot and hence if we need to be taught something within the short attention span we can offer it, the only way to do it is through micro learning. According to e Learning Industry’s contributor Asha Pandey, micro learning consists of “short, 3- to 5-minute focused learning nugget(s)…designed to meet a specific learning outcome.” Basically, it means learning through short, easy-to-digest methods such as videos or blog articles.
Micro learning caters to the learner’s short-attention span and uses the little time it gets to teach something new.

In Conclusion:
Corporate learning is changing at a fast pace with a wide variety of options opening up for individuals. It is imperative that corporate’s incorporate these changes and develop new methods of teaching. The reason to do this is that employees are no longer satisfied with just a good salary and security. They are all ambitious and want to reach dizzying heights of success, for which they all realize they need a great place to grow mentally. The onus is on the companies that these demands are met and that they are achieved in the most relate able manner to the coming generations.

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