Assessments: The Clear-Cut Guide to move you from Root to Roof


Tyro (Root)SamuraiNinjaShogunMikadoGrand MasterLegend (Roof)

Continuing on my search for THE self-assessment tool I wanted, I sat on my hunches on how soon I can be the top honcho. Googling up thoroughly to clear my confusion, the thirst for a quality career assessment application was quenched by Planet Ganges, literally!

It showed me clearly, what skills I had to acquire for career advancement. Planet Ganges’ innovative, scientific and gamified AvaTAQ skill assessment and career mapping patented software, created my AvaTAQ profile, which does industry peer-level benchmarks through a comparative tool run by an intelligent algorithm. I could extrapolate my future earnings depending on the skills I needed to acquire for that. Populating my skills through Planet Ganges world-class instructors and ICF certified career coaches, I am ready for the NEXT. The best part is that, Planet Ganges is showing my AvaTAQ profile to its Corporate Partners, thereby ensuring I realize available opportunities quickly.

compared to the generic corporate hierarchy as shown in the chart above, AvaTAQ creates ascending levels of avatars which are named as Tyro, Samurai, Ninja, Shogun, Mikado, Grand Master & Legend. And of course it told me what to do to become each avatar and the next and so forth. This magic tool is ideal for both working professionals and companies to assess both technical and soft skills.

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