The rise of Android

We have heard the word Android like a zillion times. It is omnipresent and without us realizing it we use android in some form or another. But have you ever wondered what the term means? The word Android means, a robot with a Human Appearance. Does the Android symbol make sense now!

Android is the world’s most popular operating system and powers more than a billion devices — from phones and tablets to watches, TV, cars and more to come. This operating system has powered a variety of applications catering to a variety of needs be it entertainment, education or work. It is a Linux based OS and features numerous apps developed by Google and third-party developers.

The reason for its popularity stems from the fact that it is available for free — absolutely free. Since, it was free many manufacturers adopted it very quickly and offered smart phones at affordable rates. This increased the demand for android based phones and the rise of the Android based applications. Android is open source, meaning it has no copyrights attached to it and can be used by anyone to build applications on it. This led to a whole lot of mobile app developers to instantly adopt it and release many Android based applications. Besides this, the android environment allows for customization and enhances its adaptability to a variety of requirements.

All of this led to the adoption of the operating system by numerous mobile app developers worldwide. Android opened up a world of opportunities for manufacturers and mobile based application developers to experiment and to build innovative applications. Android is also the single force behind the availability of low cost smart phones making it accessible to the masses. Being open source, free and customizable are some of the reasons behind the huge popularity of Android.

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