I knew that knowing myself would not be easy. But I wanted to make it easier. Well, I did not know how. And Google helped. I stumbled upon the concept of “Self-Assessments” when I searched on the subject of knowing what am good at. I needed a rethink on what I always thought about my employment and it had to be brutally honest, as for me no longer is work just work. These career tests basically reveal your personality type, and also those values, interests and skills that are intrinsic to you or can be developed by you. Later, the tool will identify the occupations that are most suitable for you based on this information.

Sitting down and reading on self-assessment tests, I felt that I should have been doing this all the time. The promise of it helping me come alive again in a different environment was a wonderful feeling but the question was which one to trust, as there are a plethora of these tests online, almost more than 8 million!

I would recommend you to arrive at a decision after studying these sites’ literature on the following factors:

* Does the career test meet professional standards of validity, reliability and appropriateness of instruments?

* Does it contain research studies published in respected professional journals?

* Study the professional manual thoroughly for inconsistencies.

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